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Fondazione Aida from Italy was founded, first of all, as a theatre production centre for children and young people. The creation of theatrical performances, their promotion and diffusion in the provincial, regional and national territory and also abroad represent its raison d’être. In 1987, Fondazione Aida was recognised as a stable theatre of innovation by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Theatre production activities have always been characterised by an openness to the new and to research, leaving room above all for new and young artists, who have decided to make theatre their professional vocation. Since 2000, Fondazione Aida has started a turning point, deciding to abandon a unique artistic line and to support, at the same time, a new and innovative approach. The theatre is thus contaminated with visual art and computer graphics, with classical and contemporary music, with the great tradition of the Commedia dell’Arte and the theatrical languages of the 20th century. In this sense, the artistic production of Fondazione Aida is characterized by its openness to different aesthetic lines, by its inspiration to different theatrical settings and traditions. The shows are mainly aimed at children and young people (according to Fondazione Aida’s original vocation towards the younger generations), but also at the public at large. More information here

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