• The research: In the framework of the activity, the project partners are going to organise a desk and field research in order to identify systems and good practices that have been already implemented at the global level. The aim of this activity is to allow the partners to learn from different live streaming methods that have been used during the pandemic. The expected result of this activity is a Guidebook which is going to include best oractices and case studies in the field of live streaming of theatre performances, classified according to different criteria such as duration, geographical position, technologies used, artistic approach etc.
  • The Handbook : Our existing experience and knowledge from our research will be captured in a handbook that will be posted on the project website in flip book format. Handy and easy to understand, this handbook will be available for anyone who wants to move to new technologies and to a next stage where the artistic product can go beyond local boundaries and reach a wider European and international audience. This handbook will be comprehensible and detailed for all disciplines involved in live streaming performances and presentation/events.
  • Training activities: The 3rd step is the organization of training activities: The aim of the acitivity is to develop the skills and competencies of theatre professionals in the field of live-streaming. Three training activities are going to be developed.
                   1. International training of the partner organizations in Athens
                   2. Local trainings with the participation of 5 professionals per country (15 in                           total for actors, directors, stage directors,, costume designers and                             styling, make-up artists, sound engineers, cameramen.
                   3. E-Learning course for 20 theatre professionals all over Europe
  • Pilot performances: After the training, each partner will perform at least one Pilot performance in live streaming broadcasting which, with the cooperation of the other partners, will be broadcasted and watched by audiences from other partner countries and potentially from other countries (outside the partners) in Europe. Minimum duration of these performances will be  20 minutes and content of the partners’ choice. The cultural interest of each performance will be sought to be such that the audience attending them will learn things to do, with the history, mythology, dramaturgy, oral tradition of each country.
  • Dissemination: The project will develop a unique website to report on project progress and key findings. Digital versions of each project result will be available to download/ access and will also be shared on partner websites. The website will be linked with the websites of all the partners and also efforts will be made in order to be linked with major mainstreaming sites in the sector as well as sites that mainstream information related to the sector.
    Also the social media are going to be used in order to provide live updates on the progress of the project and engage members of the target group in the project activities. As well as using existing partner accounts, we will set up project accounts on Facebook. We will also organize targeted social media campaigns in order to increase the impact of the project among the target group.


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